Home Wide Media Distribution

P1020102Sound in all areas of the home is great for parties. Or, you can listen to different sources on different speakers throughout the home.  It is also wonderful for listening to a particular program as you move about, without missing anything. Why not put a pair in the backyard?  Why not put the backyard pair in the shape of a rock so they integrate seamnlessly with the landscape? Let our experienced system designers give you maximum sound value.  We know where to put your speakers to get the most out of them. We will ensure they look and sound terrific!
Distributed video is rapidly gaining popularity because it means you can watch the same source simultaneously on all connected televisions.  A primary example is watching a Blu Ray late at night in the Family Room.  If you have your video on a “switch” or distributed, you can finish watching your movie in the comfort of your Bedroom.  Another benefit is that all of your equipment can be located out of the room, giving more space for living or more attractive furniture and other choices.  With modern technology, operating equipment that is not local to you is easy and effective.
Let’s get together and discuss the possibilities   You will appreciate our knowledge and empathy.  We are proud to be unlike any in the industry with our integrity, attention to detail and love of seeing people get real enjoyment from their toys.