Custom Home Automation

Home automation gets your home working for you!

You can automate your lights and window coverings to improve home security by letting would be intruders believe that you are there even when you are not. You also save energy costs by harvesting or repelling light heat as preferred.

You can automate locks to allow or deny entry to your home to various people in your life…and keep a record of it.

You can see who is at and/or answer the front door when on vacation or at the grocery store.

You can open the garage door from your office to allow a package to be delivered safely.

You can change the temperature from your mobile phone to prevent pipes from freezing.

You can monitor your security system and cameras from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

You can have a picture of the person at the ringing at the front door pop up on your television while you are watching.

You can monitor your systems at the cottage when you are at home and vice versa.

You can do as much as your imagination will allow.