It’s our responsibility to provide the most accurate and effective information to you regarding home electronic safety and comfort. There is so much information out there that it can be more than a little confusing. A brief conversation will reduce some of the mystery as there are many fresh ideas you will find interesting and quite helpful. We offer an honest process, concerned only with discovering exactly what products and services will benefit you the most.

You will be offered expert resource allocation for the following systems:

• Structured wiring for cable, telephone, data, and automation
• Home Communications
• Security Systems
• Surveillance Systems
• Audio/Video including home theatre and distributed audio/video
• Central Vacuum
• Integration of all of the above as well as other home subsystems using automation

Over the 19 last years, we have designed and implemented over 700 rooms with high performance audio video and communication systems as well as over 100 whole home automated solutions. Many applications require very delicate and careful approaches, just like yours. We utilize a very detailed solution format that has and will ensure a successful project outcome, whatever the scale required.

You will be provided with as much or as little data and documentation as you desire to meet your system and budget objectives. You will find our collaboration process insightful, responsive, and ultimately tailored to reflect your personal tastes. Your solution will be an electronic extension of your lifestyle.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your unique challenges.


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